Overview of Services

Payment Processing
IMS can provide just about any merchant with a gateway to accept non-cash payments. We offer very competitive rates and the latest technology to help any business make the sale, including debit or online (PIN) debit at zero discount rate.

Internet Processing with Secured Gateway
Online shopping continues to be a huge source of revenue for many companies either as a sole means to conduct business or as a compliment to brick and mortar locations. IMS can help you get set up on all major networks to handle web based sales.

Electronic Check Payments (ACH)
IMS’s electronic check payments/ACH system gives online merchants the power to process checks securely with real time consumer authentication and checking account validation. We help make accepting e-checks easy and efficient, while streamlining back office accounting.

Municipality Program
This convenient, no-cost program puts municipalities at a great advantage by allowing them to accept cards or checks for all types of fees and fines. Payments are collected via the Internet or by phone any time of the day, any day of the year, so residents are more likely to pay on time and in full. The program is easy to set up and easy to administer.

Rent Payment Processing
Management companies can accept payments via the Internet or by phone using this program. Fees are passed on to the consumer and the program costs virtually nothing to set up. Customers can pay any time of the day and any day of the year. The program also features recurring billing, which is great for monthly charges.

Cash Advance
We can help business who cannot, or do not wish to go through a bank obtain loans based on processing volume.

Check 21
Electronic check solutions are a great way to save your business time and money, while offering your customers yet another way to pay for your goods and services. Solutions are easy to set-up and easy to use, often requiring only a web-enabled PC and check scanner. Virtually any business can benefit, including those considered non-traditional or high-risk!

Online Viewing of Processing for Merchants
Monitor activity on your accounts or your individual locations’ accounts. This system gives you the power to track processing activity and maintain better control of your business.

Check Conversion and Guarantee
Turn paper checks into electronic payments at the point of sale. This payment option is a great way for all types of businesses to reduce bank fees and check handling expenses, while increasing cash flow. Plus, utilizing Check Conversion and Guarantee helps minimize fraud risk, a big plus for merchants today.

Wireless Processing
When business takes you on the road, a wireless terminal gives you the power to accept all forms of payment regardless of the job site. For mobile merchants, IMS offers wireless terminal set-up.

Gift Card Programs
In lieu of cash, as part of an incentive program, and as a way to build brand presence, gift cards are extremely popular. Implementing a gift card program though IMS can help you improve sales and store credit tracking and direct customer cash to the bottom line, even before delivering the product or service.

Restaurant Touchscreen Solution
This easy-to-use solution for dining establishments allows the wait staff to place orders, tally guest checks and process payments through a computerized system. IMS supports all touchscreens unless they are proprietary.

Consumer Loan Program
We will work with wholesale or retail outlets to set up consumer financing programs. This is an excellent solution for businesses that sell gym equipment, furniture, water filtration and many others.

Accept welfare benefits and food stamps quickly and reliably. IMS can set up retail stores to easily process government-issued benefit cards.

ATM Placement
We have experience placing ATM machines in various locations. Whether you are a bank or merchant, we have an ATM solution for you.